What We Do

Clients contract our services for many varying reasons, often to deliver high impact outcomes, or to establish a capability or build capacity.
We research information and then analyse and test it. We identify issues, map risks and profile actors. We help clients to respond swiftly to often fast-changing, complex, or opaque, operating conditions.

Rapid assessments

Rapid turnaround research and analysis. We aim to capture and secure information while events may still be in motion.
Our service is especially suitable for organisations not able to gather information themselves and for management teams requiring discreet risk validation or threat definition.

Horizon scanning

Mapping of broader market activities and actors, identifying changes in market or regulatory conditions that impact upon transactional activities or operational behaviours.
We seek to consider all compass points without constraint, thinking laterally in order to identify and factor in the obvious and the more obscure control levers.

Procurement vetting

Confidential profiling of candidates pr companies for either long-list or short-list procurement consideration.
Our objective is to understand who the product or service supplier is and their supply capacity - allowing clients to filter down and secure sustainable relationships with appropriate partners.